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Girl in Winter Jacket
The Snowpocalypse. Snowmageddon. The Polar Vortex.

Whatever you called it, last winter was one of our worst yet. Record snowfalls, cold temps long after spring should have sprung, and those relentless heating bills – it seems winter never fails to leave a sour taste in our mouths.

But when the snow starts falling…

We start hearing far too many of our winter season customers say, “I should have done this BEFORE it got cold! Why did I wait so long?!”

Oh, there couldn’t be truer words. Insulation, air sealing, and HVAC projects are all best to complete before the heating season gets too far under way.

There’s no point in waiting until those cold floors, chilly drafts, and ice dams are down-right unbearable before taking action. Get proactive and save yourself from suffering through layers of sweatshirts and extra socks.


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Beat Old Man Winter to the Punch with 401(e) Home Energy Service

Don’t wait until the drafts and cold spots get to be too much or until the ice dams ruin your roof. Gear up for winter with insulation and air sealing from 401(e).


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Get Comfortable!

Insulation not only keeps your home warm in the winter, it also keeps you cooler in the summer and prevents several damaging problems many homeowners face:
  • Attic Insulation keeps the cold air out and defends against ice dams and roof/gutter damage
  • Exterior Wall Insulation stops cold drafts and keeps outdoor noises to a minimum
  • Floor Insulation prevents uncomfortable drafts, cold floors, and even colder feet
  • Rim Joist Insulation blocks air leaks and heat loss while lowering your energy bills
  • Crawlspace or Basement Insulation prevents moisture/mold problems and pest infestations
And when paired with air sealing, insulating your home is typically the most cost-effective path to improved health, comfort, and cost savings on those pesky energy bills.