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Beat the Heat: Cooling Tips for the Summer


Photo credit: Energy Star

Photo credit: Energy Star


Looking for ways to stay cool?


Energy Star just released its “Cooling Tips for Every Budget”, recommendations on what you can do to keep your home comfortable in the heat of the summer. Organized into No-Cost, Low-Cost, and Medium-to-High Cost categories, homeowners can decide which suggestions make the most sense for them. From small tips like utilizing shades and curtains or programming your thermostat around your schedule to more expensive fixes like adding insulation or investing in more energy efficient appliances, there are a number of options for a homeowner to consider.


Also included are some summer travel tips – easy, cost-saving measures you can take before leaving home for any extended time.


So just remember, there are many simple, yet effective solutions for bringing down your energy bill this time of year – according to Energy Star, a typical household spends almost 20% percent of its utility bill on cooling.


Read Energy Star’s cooling tips here.