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Rim joists photo for 401(e) blog

Air Sealing and Insulating Rim Joists

Rim joists are usually one of the primary culprits for cold air leaking into your home. Cold air enters through joints in the wood and gaps from electric wires, plumbing, and ducts. The rim joist is the area located above the foundation and is secured to the sill plate in the basement. Most rim…

Energy Action Month picture for 401(e) blog

Celebrate National Energy Action Month with 401(e)

President Obama declared October as National Energy Action Month in 2012. It was created to be a month to promote efficiency, clean energy, and a healthier environment.   401(e) works in the Grand Forks area to make businesses and homes energy efficient, healthier, comfortable, and sustainable. The work we do…

Thermostat on the wall for 401(e) blog

Thermostats, Thermostats, Thermostats!!!

Saving energy in a home and becoming energy efficient can be as easy as changing the temperature on a thermostat. According to the Department of Energy, by turning a thermostat back 10° to 15° for 8 hours, you can save 10% a year on your heating bill.   The Department…

United States Green Building Council logo

Get to know the United States Green Building Council-ND

Photo credit to: United States Green Building Council – North Dakota chapter On Tuesday September 23rd, Jason Schaefer of 401(e) spoke at U.S. Green Building Council’s North Dakota chapter (USGBC-ND) Green Focus ND event. This year’s event was held in Grand Forks and included speakers discussing a variety of topics related to…

Propane furnace for 401(e) blog

Furnace Inspections: keeping it running efficiently and safely

  The temperatures outside are getting colder and the heating season is soon upon us. According to the Department of Energy, heating in the average U.S. home is the largest energy expense accounting for 45% of energy bills. Heating is a large expense, but with an efficient running furnace, you can save…