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Invest in Your Community

Invest in your home. Invest in your community.

If 401(e) sounds like an investment plan, it’s because it is. It is an investment in your home to maximize energy efficiency and achieve significant cost savings on your utility bill over time. This ENERGY STAR endorsed program utilizes a whole-house approach for assessments and improvements, while helping to protect the environment.

401(e) is more than simply an investment in your home, it is an investment in your community. 401(e) was founded with the specific purpose of giving back to the community. All profits generated by 401(e) services are reinvested in non-profit programs provided by Red River Valley Community Action (RRVCA). That means when you complete a project with 401(e), you will realize a return on your investment, and a return on your community.

Additionally, 401(e) offers you the opportunity to select where the profits from your project will go. You can choose from the following programs:

helping hand

Helping Hand
– This program provides emergency home repair services to low-income and disadvantaged clients of RRVCA. Things like ruptured plumbing or a water heater that suddenly breaks are examples of areas where Helping Hand can make a difference in people’s lives. It is a vital program that keeps a seemingly small emergency from financially derailing disadvantaged individuals and families trying to make ends meet.

IDAIndividual Development Accounts (IDA) – This program helps families and individuals of modest means establish a pattern of regular savings, and ultimately, purchase a lasting asset of value that is likely to return substantial long-term benefits to its owner. Participants can set aside money for a house, a college education, or a small business and earn a 2:1 match upon completion. It strengthens our community though investments in education and long-term goals. It is a hand up, not a hand out.

Ernie J. Norman Shelter
– This home, owned by RRVCA, provides temporary safe housing environment and case management for women and children who are homeless. Keeping a family safe and providing direction and confidence to move forward is a hallmark of this program.

where it is needed most2

Where it is needed most – Let RRVCA staff decide where funding is needed most amongst the 30-some programs they offer the people of the Red River Valley. They will invest wisely to make the most of the funding they are given and let you know how your money was spent.