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Cree LEDs: The Biggest Thing Since the Light Bulb

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Have you laid your incandescent light bulbs to rest?



Back in September, we suggested LEDs as a great, long-term lighting choice for residents and business owners looking to save money on their electricity bill. While still more expensive than incandescent bulbs, LEDs are coming down in price, and with increasing affordability, efficiency, and a lifespan about 25 times longer than incandescent, the future is looking bright for LEDs.


Read more about LEDs and other lighting options in our article Lighting the Way to Savings: LEDs.


Cree, an LED company based in Durham, N.C., has offered the first LED bulb to come in at $10 in the marketplace, according to an article in USA Today. The bulb comes with a 10-year guarantee and is designed to mimic the shape and style of the common incandescent, appeasing consumers accustomed to conventional light bulbs. But with superior efficiency (ENERGY STAR-qualified LED’s use only 20-25% of the energy incandescent do) and a lifespan of 25 years, LED bulbs can offer you significant savings over time. Per Chuck Swoboda, Cree CEO, the $10 bulb will pay for itself in the first year.


As we near the darkest time of the year and spend more energy lighting our homes, there’s no better time to invest in LEDs.


For more information (and some funny videos) on Cree Bulbs, check out their YouTube Channel by searching Cree Inc.