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Do you have moisture problems?

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Musty smells in the basement, leaky roof, humid house, black stains on the shower curtain, mold? Any of these sound familiar? You likely have a moisture problem in your home!


The air moving in and around your home carries moisture with it, so it is important to seal the air leaks and have adequate insulation. If you have a crawl space, moisture from the earth can also come through it. Lately, we have been having hot and humid days. This can cause mold due to the humidity providing the moisture and the heat encouraging the growth of mold.


You can read more about mold and moisture in this article from Energy Smart Home Performance in Mantua, Ohio.


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Of course, every home is different, but we can help you figure out what solutions are best adapted to your home and budget. With home energy improvements, your home can become more comfortable and energy efficient.