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There has been a lot of talk about the shortage of propane and subsequent rise in prices that has affected both rural and urban areas heavily in the Midwest. And if you are an Xcel customer, you probably received a message asking you to turn down your thermostat on your natural gas furnace over the past weekend, due to a pipeline rupture in Canada.


What has caused the increase in propane prices? The two main culprits are, on the one hand, the corn harvest and drying season happening simultaneously in several states; and on the other hand, the bitterly cold winter has increased residential and commercial demand.


Increased demand and short supplies… You know it: prices have gone up.

propane prices chart

Meet Christine McVicker, a Minnesota resident, in this MPR news story. She just recently put 200 gallons in for her house, at $2.65 a gallon. It’s been a challenge to keep her house warm and comfortable, and she’s had to work extra hours to pay the bills. As she puts it, “It’s kind of funny. You can see the steam from the boiler come up past these windows, and every time I see the steam coming, I always think it should just be green, because it’s basically money going into the air.”


There is not much you can do concerning the propane supplies, but you can make sure that your house uses energy as efficiently as possible, so that your dollars spent on heating don’t go “into the air” and out the window! Insulation and air sealing can help make sure that your heat stays in the house and doesn’t leak out. Stretch the weeks between fuel deliveries and save yourself money and worry. You can contact us for a free estimate at or call 701.795.7114.