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Financing and Rebates



While some homeowners decide to pay for home energy improvements out of pocket, others will want to consider other options for financing. We can help you with that! At 401(e), we are dedicated to helping you with every aspect of your project.

And you know what? Home performance projects don’t need to break to bank.

For example, a lot of homeowners decide to phase out their project into manageable “chunks”, installing some energy improvements in their homes now, and planning to do more of them later on. That’s totally fine with us! And if you get started with a Home Energy Assessment, the customized report that is generated after the assessment can help you prioritize what improvements will give you the greatest payback and are the most needed in your home.

You might also want to finance you project by taking out a loan. With the monthly energy savings you will achieve with your home improvements, you’ll be surprised how affordable your loan can be! Those energy savings usually offset significantly the cost of monthly loan payment.

Below is a table with three examples of houses we have worked on in the past. As you can see, the monthly loan payment can get cut in half with the savings you will realize on your energy bill!

Home samples 10 yrsIn this table, estimated monthly loan payments are based on a 5.99% rate and 10 year loan term.

401(e) Home Energy Service partners with local lenders in order to offer more affordable financing options to homeowners. Together, we help customers overcome the upfront cost barrier to using energy more wisely. Loan rates vary depending on credit scores, debt, income, and other factors. Just let us know you are interested, and we will direct you to a credit union loan officer!

Of course, you might also want to talk to your personal banker about a loan.



And if you are an Xcel Energy customer, you can reduce the cost of your project before you even get started! Xcel Energy offers rebates up to $100 on high efficiency furnaces, boilers and water heaters.

Xcel Energy also offers rebates on Home Energy Assessments. You can get your $400 value Home Energy Assessment for just $100!

Other rebates might be available to you even if you are not an Xcel Energy customer. Don’t worry, we’ll do the research for you and make sure you get access to all rebates and incentives available to you, no matter what your utility company is.