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401(e) can transform your home!  More and more families are choosing to increase their comfort and well-being with home energy improvements. These improvements can make your home more comfortable and protect your family from mold, allergies and asthma. Plus, you will save money on your energy bills!  With cash incentives and no-hassle financing, 401(e) makes saving energy easy and affordable.

Where to start?

We offer several levels of consultation, depending on your needs and your situation!

1- Get a free phone consultation on your home’s comfort, efficiency and indoor air quality. You can either fill the form on this page, or call us at (701) 795-7114. We will be happy to discuss your home’s situation with you and answer any questions and concerns!

2- Free estimate: do you have a specific project in mind? Contact us for a free estimate on your insulation or air sealing needs, and more!

3- Home Energy Assessment: do you feel your home might have issues such as inadequate or insufficient insulation, are you uncomfortable, are your energy bills through the roof? A Home Energy Assessment can help pinpoint trouble areas and opportunities for improvements, thanks to our advanced diagnostic tools and experience. Click on the button below to sign up!



Fill out the application and be on your way to a transformed home!  We’ve made it quick and easy (because we hate filling out paperwork as much as you do!)

Special note for Xcel Energy customers: The full-scale Home Energy Assessment outlined above and valued at over $400 is available to Xcel Energy customers for only $100.  A scaled down version valued at over $200 is available to Xcel customers for $60 and a walk-through assessment (no diagnostic testing) is available for $30.

4- Special promotion: get a FREE thermal scan of your home! Thermal imaging shows heat losses and air leakage in a home, with the help of an infrared camera. It can reveal issues such as: air leaks around windows and doors, air leaks in building envelopes, missing insulation, and more! Currently, 401(e) Home Energy Service is offering a promotion for a FREE infrared scan. Call us at (701) 795-7114 or email to get yours scheduled! An infrared scan takes only about 20 minutes to complete, and it is a great tool to uncover potential issues and energy savings opportunities.


Are there any income requirements?

There are no income limits, 401(e) is open to everyone. Households earning less than 80% of county median income may qualify for our Weatherization Assistance or Home Rehab programs. 

How do I know if I qualify for 401(e)?

Homeowners in the Grand Forks areas are eligible, including Minnesota residents. 

Where does the name come from?

Home energy improvements are an investment in your comfort, your health and your home. Your family’s most valuable asset is your home. 401(e) is a play on 401(k). Home energy improvements often yield a return on investment that is better than standard investments such as CD’s and 401(k)’s. A general return on investment for home energy improvements is generally 4-9%.

Who is 401(e) for?

For everyone! Do you want to improve the indoor air quality in your home, reduce energy bills, make your home more comfortable, get rid of those annoying drafts? Contact us!