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How to keep your home cool…efficiently!

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We are going to start approaching some of the warmest days in summer with most of July and August still ahead. But don’t fear, there are numerous ways to help your air conditioner run efficiently and keep the cool air in the home.


According to a report done in 2009 from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), 48% of U.S. household’s energy consumption goes toward heating and cooling homes. In a similar report done by the EIA in 1993, 58% of household’s energy consumption went towards heating and cooling so the good news is that it was reduced by 10% in the last 16 years. By cooling homes more efficiently we can reduce this even more.


There are numerous ways to reduce a households heating and cooling energy consumption. According to one of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) home energy efficiency expert’s, one of the cheapest ways to reduce heating and cooling energy consumption is to install a programmable thermostat and to keep it higher in summer and lower in winter when the home is unoccupied. For a bigger investment, the expert also suggests air sealing and insulating the home and ducts.


There are also ways to keep a cooling system running efficiently. According to Energy Star, checking and changing air filters regularly will keep a cooling system running efficiently. Energy Star suggests changing the filter once a month or at least once every three months. Filters that are dirty prevents air flow and makes the system work harder using more energy. Also, having a yearly tune-up of a cooling system can help it run more efficiently.


To learn more about this subject, contact 401(e) and some of our experts. We can perform a energy assessment and suggest what should be done to a home to make it energy efficient. Also, check out our blog from last year on cooling or check out DOE’s Energy Saver Guide to learn more on the subject.