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Is green the new pink?

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday traditionally associated with hearts, candy, and flowers. Oh, and I almost forgot, Valentine’s Day is also associated with the color pink, where many presents, cards, and attire will be sporting the color.


Here at 401(e) we like to celebrate with green. Below are a few tips that can help save money and energy, and show your house some love, too!


• Reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding the icy roads and staying in for a romantic
dinner and movie night. If you do go out, here are some tips on ways you can save gas and have your car be more fuel-efficient.


• Before you leave or go out anywhere, turn off your computer, lights, and any unnecessary appliances. Or use power strips to plug your devices in so when you leave you can hit one switch to turn off your devices. By doing this you can save up to $100 dollars.


• You can have a candle lit dinner or use dim energy efficient light bulbs. This can help you set the mood while saving you money.


• When getting ready for your date use energy efficient devices and eco-friendly materials. Examples are: low watt dryers and eco-friendly make-up.


There are all sorts of fun ideas for enjoying an energy efficient date night. So this year get your creative juices pumping to create a Valentine’s Day that is both romantic and greener for your loved one.