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Make the Switch! Xcel Energy Saver’s Switch Program


As temperatures are finally starting to climb in Grand Forks, you may be starting to think about keeping your home cool and comfortable in some of the hot and humid days of summer.


If you use central air conditioning throughout the summer season and are an Xcel Energy customer for electricity, you should consider the company’s Saver’s Switch program.

By signing up for the Saver’s Switch program, you will save 15% on your June through September electricity bill.


Photo credit: Xcel Energy

Increased air conditioning usage in the summer months drives electricity demand to a peak. When you sign up for the Saver’s Switch program, Xcel Energy will cut back a little on the time your central air works during peak hours, which helps Xcel manage these high energy peaks. It’s completely automated, so NO time required or hassle for the homeowner.


By helping Xcel Energy to curb peak electricity demand, you contribute to keeping electric rates lower, decrease the need for Xcel build more power plants, and help the utility provide reliable electricity to its customers. Plus, the Saver Switch is a FREE program, AND it will save you money!


If you are worried about getting too hot during those peak times when Xcel turns off your air conditioner, you can rest assured that you’ll still be cool and comfortable. According to Xcel Energy, the Saver’s Switch program cycles your air conditioner off and on at 15-20 minute intervals and only contributes an average increase of one or two degrees while activated.


The switch is generally installed within six to eight weeks after signing up for the program, so if interested in beating the heat this season, you want to act quickly!


You can also sign up for a similar Saver’s Switch program for your electric water heater. If you sign up for both at the same time, you can get an additional 2% savings.


Watch a video about the Saver’s Switch program below:



To find out more and to see if you’re eligible for the program, click here.