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Simple Ways to become Energy Efficient

Clothes drying on a clothes line instead of in a dryer - more energy efficient


Do you want to be energy efficient without spending a lot of money? There are numerous simple ways you can become energy efficient that you can do yourself and not spend a lot of money. To learn some of the simple ways to become energy efficient, click this link to watch Ellen DeGeneres explain how you can become energy efficient with some humor included!


Here is a short recap on tips to becoming more energy efficient that Ellen DeGeneres and Matt Golden explained:


– Electronics such as TV’s use power when it is not in use and plugged in an outlet. The use of a power strip can help you save energy by being able to unplug all the electronics with one switch on the power strip.


– Gas stoves use less energy than electric stoves. Gas stoves are more efficient, but release off gas so make sure you have adequate ventilation.


– Front load washers are more efficient than top loading washers. Top loading washers use more water by having to fill the tub while front load washers uses less water and washes clothes better.


– Lastly, everyone should drive Hummers! Well, not exactly. The most energy efficient vehicles are actually fuel efficient vehicles, hybrids, and electric vehicles. Also, walking, biking, and using public transportation are also ways to be more energy efficient too.


Ellen DeGeneres and Matt Golden came up with some good tips in becoming energy efficient. But, there are other simple ways to become energy efficient. Here are a few more tips from the Department of energy:


– Air dry clothes instead of using the dryer.


– Take short showers and use low-flow shower heads to save on water.


– Wash full loads of dishes and clothes to save on water use.


– Turn lights off in rooms when not using them and use more natural light during the day.


These steps are simple to do and will save you money while being more energy efficient. But, if you want to take a bigger leap in becoming energy efficient, the best way to do that is through a home energy assessment. Here at 401(e), we can provide home energy assessments and help with bigger home energy improvements.