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Springing Into Energy Efficiency

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Spring weather is finally upon us after a long winter that just seemed like it did not want to end. With spring upon us, now is the time for spring cleaning. Here at 401(e), spring is not just a time for cleaning, but also a time to improve our energy efficiency.


Here are a few simple tips on ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency this spring:


– When it is cool at night, open your windows and turn off your air conditioning.


Ceiling fans can increase cooling efficiently. Ceiling fans can allow you to turn your thermostat setting about 4 degrees higher without any reduction in comfort. However, remember to turn the fan off when you leave the room because fans don’t keep rooms cold but cools you with the chill effect.


– Regularly maintain your air conditioner and make sure there isn’t anything blocking your registers to keep your cooling system running efficiently. Also, when you leave your house, turn your thermostat higher or get a programmable thermostat. Even a one degree higher setting on a thermostat can have significant savings.


– Use natural light during the daytime, but be careful not to let to much direct sun in as it can warm your home. One option to consider is thermal backed drapes.


– Shaded air conditioners can use up to 10% less electricity then if they are sitting in the sun. Plant bushes, trees, or something else to shade the air conditioner, but make sure it does not block air flow.


Some of these tips vary in prices with some of them being more expensive to do than others, but the more expensive energy efficiency upgrades can have higher savings. But, even the low-cost energy efficiency upgrades can still save you energy and money.


So when you start your spring clean-up, think about adding energy efficiency to the list.