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Bret & Carenlee

Tired of wearing gloves inside and feeling uncomfortable in their beautiful historic home, Bret and Carenlee had an energy assessment done which helped them figure out how to fix the problem spots and make their home a warm and cozy oasis.


Home Energy Improvements not only save you money on your utility bills and make your home more comfortable; but they can lead to tremendous improvements in indoor air quality.  In this video, Kelly talks about the difference home energy improvements made in the health and well being of her family.


Deb & Juan 

Deb and her husband, Juan, were able to find everything they needed to improve their home in one convenient place: “We got the financing, we got the name of a contractor, … It was great to be able to do all this in one place and not have so many parties involved.” 401(e) Home Energy Service makes it easy for you! You can access a certified energy analysis of your home, financing, rebates and experienced contractors, all in one place.