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The winter season in North Dakota

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Snowy Path by gfpeck, on Flickr
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Do you know what the coldest temperature ever recorded in North Dakota is? It got down to 60 degrees below zero in Parshall, in the western part of the state, on Feb 15, 1936.


As for Grand Forks, the lowest temperature recorded is much more recent: in Jan 30, 2004, when temps dipped down to -43°F.


Thankfully, it’s not quite as bad this year! The average for the month of January so far is 3°F, with a high of 40°F on the 12th and a low of -33°F on the 2nd in Grand Forks.


Still, after a bitterly cold end of the year, temperatures are still well below normal. Grand Forks experienced its 3rd coldest December with an average temp of -0.1°F.


Make your home more comfortable in the winter season


No doubt that you are spending a lot of time indoors, and will want to be as comfortable as can be.


Heating and cooling your home uses more energy and costs more money than any other system in your house – that is especially true here in the Red River Valley where it gets really cold in winter and hot in summer.


We can help you keep your home warm and cozy with home energy improvements – and you will reap the benefits year after year, both on your reduced energy bills and increased comfort!


What do we mean by “home energy improvements”?


For example, your attic might need more insulation, as the heat rises and can get lost through cracks and inadequate insulation in the attic, especially in older homes.


On the other end of the house, your basement or crawlspace might need some too – adding insulation can improve the indoor air quality (basements and crawlspaces can be a source of cold, drafty and damp air), helps keeping the floors warm, and reduces the chance of frozen water pipes.


Gaps around windows and doors can let in cold air from the outside – they can be fixed by either replacing them or sealing air leaks around them.


And more! You can find a list of the additional services we offer on our website. Call us for a free quote or consultation on your home’s energy use at 701-795-7114 or by email