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‘Tis the Season…for Weatherization

On May 2nd the daytime high temperature in Grand Forks hovered at only 38 degrees, nearly thirty degrees below normal. Just eleven days later on May 13, the city saw the mercury rise to 91. North Dakota is no stranger to dramatic temperature swings, and we often see this reflected in our utility bills.


Weather is unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean our home heating costs have to be as well. Drafty windows and doors, old insulation, and outdated furnaces can decrease your home’s energy performance.


One of our talented weatherization specialists.

One of our talented weatherization specialists.



















Some recent articles in the Working Waterfront and the Spectrum highlight the season-to-season benefits of weatherizing homes.


In the attempt to curb the effects of rising fuel costs, organizations in Maine (also a state with significant winter chill) have spearheaded a weatherization effort for homes near Portland. A collaborative effort between the Island Institute, Efficiency Maine, and the Peaks Environmental Action Team (PEAT), the effort had a modest goal of providing weatherization services to 25-50 homes. Growing interest among local residents, however, has increased this goal, and now the weatherization effort aims to reach 100 homes. Watch a video about the effort below.



On the other hand, in Southern Utah, the impending summer heat has been a catalyst for increased weatherization.  Though weatherization director Doug Carlson of the Five County Association of Governments (FCAOG) says “there is no particular time people should start weatherizing their home”, the rise in temperatures may get people to look a little bit closer at reducing their home’s energy consumption through weatherization. Although the FCAOG weatherization program is only available to low-income households, there are a number of rebates and incentives for anyone looking to make energy efficiency upgrades.


To find out more about energy rebates and incentives in North Dakota, please check out the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency.


401(e) provides a number of energy efficiency services that can help your home ‘weather’ the bitter cold of winter as well as the heat of summer. Through an energy audit, 401(e) can assess your home’s efficiency and provide recommendations on how to improve it.


Whether a scorching August day or an icy December night, energy upgrades can help keep your home comfortable, healthy, and efficient.