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Warding off Vampire Loads

Vampire Loads for 401(e) blog

Did you know electronics can draw power even when not in use? This wasted energy is known as “vampire loads.” Vampire loads add up to about $200 dollars in yearly energy costs for the average home.


Electronic devices alone don’t draw much energy or add much to an energy bill. But, according to the Department of Energy, an average American household owns over 25 consumer electronic devices which together increases energy usage and bills. Some common “energy vampires” in a home are: phone chargers, computers, microwave, cable boxes and DVRs (one of the biggest “energy vampires”), and many more devices.


To stop these “energy vampires” in a home, there are several things that can be done. One simple way is to unplug devices when they are not being used. Another is to use a power strip to turn off a cluster of electronics at the same time when not in use. Similar to power strips, Advanced Power Strips (APS) can help save energy. APS’s have built-in features designed to reduce energy usage. Examples of APS’s are: timer controlled, activity monitor, remote switch, master-controlled, and masterless power strips.


To ward off energy vampires garlic cannot be used, but don’t worry energy vampires can be stopped.