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Winter is Coming…Tips for Getting Your Home Ready

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Winter is coming…and some of these cold fall days may convince us that it has already arrived. Are you ready? Is your HOME ready?


Winter is just around the corner. Is your home prepared for the upcoming cold and snow?

Winter is just around the corner. Is your home prepared for the upcoming cold and snow?


Just as a winter checklist helps get your vehicle prepped for the winter season, your home (and in particular your furnace) benefits from one as well. Ensuring your heating system will run safely and efficiently through the long, cold winter season will reduce energy waste and save you money. Remember, more energy and money goes into heating and cooling your home than any other system in your home – according to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling costs make up about 54% of an average utility bill.


The article “Prepare Your Furnace Now for the Winter Months”, written by Andy Lindus of Lindus Construction, highlights some of things that you can do yourself to get your heating system primed for the new season.


For months your furnace has been sitting unused, collecting dust. Andy recommends checking your furnace’s air filter, replacing it every one to three months during the heating season. A clogged, dirty filter slows down the movement of air throughout your home, making your furnace work harder and thus decreasing its lifespan. Vacuuming out your ducts and air vents can also contribute to your system’s efficiency and safety as well as your home’s indoor air quality.


For some additional steps to take in preparation your furnace for the upcoming season, check out Lindus’ article. Xcel Energy North Dakota’s Winter Checklist also provides some household tips for cutting energy and saving money this season.